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2014-2013 Angies List Super Service Award!

Angie's List awards this honor to companies that have provided outstanding service based on member feedback from the previous year. Only 5% of the companies on Angies List earned this distinction. Come experience the difference yourself.

Online Marketing Experts

Having a professional website is just the beginning of being successful online. You also have to marketing it correctly. We are experts at promoting your website. We use the latest robust SEO/SEM strategies to ensure your website will outgrow your competition. We offer a FREE market analysis on your website.

One Site. Multiple Devices.

The Internet isn’t just on your desktop anymore. It’s also on your phone, tablet and laptop. Your site needs to match the shape of your customers screen. This is called Responsive Design. Talk to us about re-designing or creating your website using this technique.

Mobile Phone Development

The age of mobile is here! While you may already have a 'desktop website' what about your mobile users? More than 60% of Consumers own a smartphone. Don't lose valuable customers by not having a mobile website. Let us help you!

A Microsoft Certified Shop

All of our developers are Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) - creditability you can count on. Knowing that your project is developed by a MCP you're guaranteed it's built correctly.

MCP's must pass certified exams to prove that they are experts in their field. This ensures that rigorous standards are upheld and that your product is ready for growth.

Full Service design studio

Whatever your online goals are, we are the full service web design and creation agency that can get you there.

Creative and Branding

Whether you are starting a new business or simply want to re-fresh or re-brand your current one we have the expertise to establish that new look. We have helped many business's bring an edge and rise to the next level with their branding.

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Web Design

Having a professionally designed website will help ensure your sending the right message to your customers. Bright Pixel Studio specializes in creating custom and unique websites for less than you probably imagine.

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Print and Logo Design

Sending one cohesive message to your customers is important. Fill out your companies look-and-feel with coordinating business cards, logos, postcards and more. Bright Pixel Studio not only does digital design but print and logo creation also.

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Web Development

There is a clear distinction between Web Development and Web Design. Development deals with the underlying aspect of a website and how it is created. Why is this important? If not created correctly your website can become costly to maintain and over time begin to degrade in performance quickly. Every website at Bright Pixel Studio is handed over to a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in order to architect and develop. No matter how small. They add advanced features such as page and server caching, advanced JQuery controls and Ajax support to make sure your site is lightweight, fast and easy to support

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Mobile Development

In the world where smart phones are king it's important that your business has a mobile presence. When designing and developing a mobile website very specific rules and specifications must be adhered to. Screen size, form controls, and user ability all take on a very different approach as compared to a standard website.

Bright Pixel Studio understands these differences and can create you a mobile website that is easy for your users to navigate and quick to use.

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Customers have come to expect the ability to purchase products and service online easily and quickly. We have built many ecommerce solutions. Whether you are selling hundreds of products or only one we can have you up an running in no time.

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Content Management

Managing your own content and verbiage usually can save you time and money in the long run. We have built robust CMS's like and also smaller, specialized areas that are updatable.

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If you already have a website and are frustrated with your level of service or need a place to park a new one we have you covered. Our servers are hosted at Server Complete and are guaranteed up 99.9% of the time. We have a staff member on call 24/7.

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Having a great looking and functioning website isn’t enough. You have to have the right strategy and plan in place to promote it and get you noticed. Using Bright Pixel Studio’s SEO and SEM techniques you’ll get the traffic you want.

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Social Media

Everyone is talking about and using Social Media now. Integrating applications and website such as Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter into your websites can help you gain traffic. Knowing what type of information to emphasize is important.

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Blog Integration

Having fresh content on your website is one of the number one ways you can increase the traffic to your website. Setting up a blog on your website is quick and easy. You have complete control to the information you decide to put on it.

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Landing Pages

If you doing online advertising such as Pay per click, it’s important to have a professionally created landing page. Landing pages must be developed with a clear call to action and simple for the customer to understand.

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Link Building

Link building helps search engines rank you higher in their listings. Usually, the more places that link back to your website the better ranked your site will become. However, ensuring the right sites are linking to you is critical.

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Bright Pixel Studios did a great job on creating an eye catching professional website for me. I have had many remarks on how nicely it was laid out.

- Shan Sparshott, Owner and Instructor

New Directions Counseling Center would like to thank you for designing our web site. Your communication with our staff was excellent and the outcome of our site was exactly what we wanted.

- The Staff at New Directions Counseling Center LLC

Bright Pixel Studio was exceptionally timely on building my site. They worked quickly and listened to my ideas. They definitely exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them.

- Gretchen Balsley, CEO and Founder

The website that Bright Pixel Studio created for me was outstanding. They completely understood the message and design that I wanted to present to my customers.

- Stephen Cannella, CEO and Founder

We are thoroughly impressed with the level of programming and responsiveness we have received. We will continue to use them for future development projects and highly recommend their services.

- Emily Bishop, Creative Director

About Bright Pixel Studio

Bright Pixel Studio is one of the fastest growing Design, Development and Online Marketing firms in the Tampa Bay Area.

Who is Bright Pixel Studio?

We are Driven by a Passion to Create Products that are Unique, Get Noticed and Go Beyond Your Expectations.

Hello! Bright Pixel Studio is a full-service Design, Development and Marketing Services Studio for small to medium businesses located in Tampa Bay. We specialize in creating and promoting unique and distinctive websites that allow you to communicate your message effectively. If you have a new business that needs a website or an existing one that needs re-branding - we can help!

Let us help you make your website stand out from the others. We take great pride ensuring that our websites are easy to use and detail-oriented. Our design and SEO process is simple, effective, and quick. Our clients and their time are very important to us. We make sure that every project is a success, exceeds expectations and on-time.


When we started Bright Pixel Studio we established some ground rules that we insist be followed. We used our past experience to ensure that we didn't make the same mistakes we had seen from other companies in the past. We wanted Bright pixel Studio to stay focused on a core set of values and beliefs and not lose sight of what's most important - our clients satisfaction.

Our Workforce

Each employee at Bright pixel Studio has years of experience in their field and is responsible for dealing directly with you when it comes to your project. There are no uninformed sales people to comb through to get to the person working directly on your project.

Customer Care

Build a Relationship

Build a relationship with the customer. In order to create a website that reflects an individual’s tastes you have to get to know the client. We take our relationships with our clients to a more personal level so that we may better understand their visions and ideas.

Make the Best Decision

Help the customer make the ‘best’ choice based on their needs. There is no one way to create a website. Bright pixel Studio will give you alternative options when designing your software / website. We make sure you fully understand the opportunities of each one presented with the pros and cons thoroughly explained.

Direct Communication

Work directly with a developer. Once your project is started there is no middle man to work through. You communicate and meet directly with the person who is responsible for creating your application. Your time is valuable and this helps keep project meetings specific, brief and productive.

Customer Needs

Put the customer's needs and ideas first. This is not just a phrase at Bright pixel Studio but an everyday requirement. Each and every client is treated like an individual and not just a project.

Company Values

Keep It Lean

Keep the company lean. We have seen many companies grow almost to the point of a standstill. They hire people who treat their position as a job and not a passion. Soon, bureaucracy takes over and 99% of the time it’s the customer that pays. At Bright pixel Studio we stay lean and guarantee the quickest turnaround time around on any project we work on.

Reasonable Prices

Keep prices reasonable. By staying lean and hiring only highly qualified people we able to keep our prices very reasonable. We guarantee to offer the highest quality software for the most reasonable price from any of our competitors.

Keep is Simple

Complicated doesn’t mean tough to use. Right from the start, our applications our designed with user-ability in mind. We carefully evaluate every application we design making sure it flows easily from one screen to the next. Additionally, each screen is developed with ease-of-use and a certain level of ‘fun’ added in to make the users experience is a pleasant one.

Qualified Employees

Hire only highly qualified employees. At Bright pixel Studio we hire only experts in the respective fields. Each employee is carefully screened to make sure it’s a value contribution that will make the company run faster, smoother and more efficient than before. Our employees must be more than just job seekers. They must possess a certain level of passion for their work and show a commitment for producing the highest level of work possible.


Stand Out

Fully understand user interfaces. Creating user interfaces is easy. Creating user interfaces that stand out, get noticed and are simple to use is not. At Bright pixel Studio layout and presentation is one of our number one concerns when developing your application.

Don’t be fooled that more is better on a screen. On an average, a customer will only spend a mere 20 seconds on a page before leaving it. This drops to a mere 10 seconds if the persons gets confused or doesn’t know what to do next.

All of our designs are created to help guide the user through the website. We keep each screen focused on its main purpose and don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary information. We keep it light, easy to use and provoke a person wanting to return at a later time.


Listen to your customers. In order to create a successful layout and design for your clients you must fully understand what it is they are asking for. Before we start developing your software we interview and listen to your expectations and concerns. This allows us to present to you an application that looks and feels exactly like you had in mind.

Be Creative

Getting noticed on the web can be tough. With millions of websites online standing out can be quite an achievement. We focus on making sure your website will get you noticed. We strive to keep your customers wanting to return and telling others about you. Our creative staff designs your site from scratch with no templates.


We ask a lot of questions

Every project starts with listening. It's important that we understand your needs. We spend the time asking all the right questions and learn everything we can prior to starting your project. We review your objectives and goals and suggest various developmental and technological solutions. The result of this discovery session is a solid understanding of the work, functionality, and business processes.


When we put our thinking caps on

The same designers who were in the Discovery Phase start assembling user interaction diagrams and wireframes. From branding to functionality we prepare your website for the foundation for everything we do in this Phase. This ensures your final product will meet your business objectives and marketing goals.


Where strategy meets design

The Design Phase entails conceptualizing the layout and creating an interface for your website. This means handing over the “blue prints” from the Strategy phase to the design team. Our highly skilled designers then create vision based on all the elements in the design phase. We continue with revisions through the design phase until a final design concept is approved.


Time to roll-up our sleeves

Once the design received a green light, we build out the sites general architecture. The main structure, sub -pages and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are all created. From here the layouts are handed over to the development team so they may create all dynamic elements. Much of the programming and database development magic happens simultaneously with the architecture and content stages.


Unleash it to the world

After receiving your final approval, your website is ready to “go live”! We will upload your project to a live web server & submit your website to a handful of the most popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Spread the Word!

In this phase we talk about different strategies to promote your new website and get others to notice you. Such strategies include SEO, SEM, Social Media, Newsletters, Email Marketing and much more!

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Three Minutes to Get Started

We know your busy so we have streamlined the process to save you time. All we need is a little information and we'll do the rest. Allow us to do a quick evaluation of your project.

Our Work

We are Driven by a Passion to Create Products that are Unique, Get Noticed and Go Beyond Your Expectations

Diesel Fitness Tampa

Team Diesel's focus is to attack everyday with enthusiasm and purpose, focusing on reaching the athletes' performance goals by consistently working towards educating their minds and improving their abilities to move and control their bodies on and off the field. Team Diesel understands the importance of developing the complete athlete.

Lisa Colodny Website

Lisa Colodny is a writer who wanted to take her website to her next level. She had a basic website but it was not user friendly, lacked a professional look and feel and wasn’t mobile friendly. After working with Lisa we created a site that represented her and her love for writing!

Print Design

If you looking for business cards, letterhead or postcards we can help with that also. We have experience in designing all types of printed materials. Here are some that we create recently.

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Getting started is quick and easy. You always speak directly to the person who is assigned your project and not a sales person. This speeds up communication and development ensuring your project is delivered on time and exceeding your expectations.