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What is Responsive Web Design?

Posted in Design written by Bright Pixel Studio

You may have heard about responsive web design, but if you haven't, chances are you have seen it in action while surfing the web. To see a good live example that really shows the benefits of this technique check out the following website - Response Design Website - Fork CMS. When viewing the website expand and shrink your browser to different widths. You will notice how the website reshapes and actually removers content based on the screens size. This works on all different device types such as tables, laptops and even screens as thin as mobile phones.


Website Fonts

Posted in Design written by Bright Pixel Studio

The way your websites information is presented is just as important as to what is presented. Typography is the subject that surrounds the aspects of choosing the right font for your website. While there are no hard-fast rules there are some basics that we suggest you follow for your website. Although some of them may seem obvious, I am still amazed in how many high-profile websites I run into that still break the basics rules.


Web 2.0

Posted in Design written by Bright Pixel Studio

When the internet started to become popular, typical websites were seen as merely content providers that pushed and retrieved information to the end user. They were usual simple in nature and not viewed as robust as software applications. Instead many of them functioned as a disjointed set of pages that tried their best to keep the user experience as intact as possible.

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