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Designing Great Websites

Posted in E-Commerce written by Bright Pixel Studio

What is the one thing that is the most common for humans to see? Its designs. No matter whom you are, what you do or where you live, if you are a human, you will find millions of designs everywhere around you. There are designs shown on TV, you can see them when you use your computer, and even while reading the newspaper or a magazine.


Now what is the most interesting thing about designs is that they affect your subconscious mind, and this is what leads you to taking a lot of decisions, especially when it comes to shopping for stuff.


“Designing takes up a couple of different basis, and these are which lead to an effective graphic design to be formed for a final product. The layout, the style, the colors, all of these things are formed and then combined to make a final design.”


Explaining Design


People are always questioning that what really a design is. Well, to answer them in an easy yet a detailed manner, a design is the essence that you give to a product, be it an item for sale, or a book at a library, etc. It is a graphic symbol, which will ensure that the onlooker finds the whole product more attractive than it would have been without the design. Everything there is in this world is glazed with a design. For instance, when you are out to shop for toothpaste with your kids, what will attract them is the one which has the most colorful and appealing designs. Thus, explaining what a design is and how effective it can be.


Who makes a design?


Once the basic idea of a design is clarified, what hinders a normal human is who is the person making these designs? S/he is called a graphic designer and their importance is so much that they are considered one of the most integral parts of an overall production of a product. What these people really do, is to transfer the idea that the manufacturing or retailing company has about the product and combine it up with the expectations of the consumers, thus coming up with a design to match all the requirements of the users on both ends, and ensuring that the product is sold. The talent and the skill come, when the person translates all of these ideas from mere thoughts, into beautiful and eye-catching graphics.


Coming up, it is best to look at the 6 C’s of graphic designing.




What a professional designer needs is an idea, a concept in their mind, about what needs to be designed. You will be saving a lot of time, if you have an idea in your mind, regarding the needs of the customers and the expectations of the manufacturers and this will lead you to get the perfect graphic fairly easily. What this will provide you is the fact that the design you will end up creating will turn heads.


What has always been my cup of tea is to design a sample on a piece of paper, before going to work on Photoshop. Believe me, it works. A basic idea about a design is always drawn on paper. Just picture your thoughts and draw them, to be used as guidelines for the design that you will make on the computer.




What is the biggest misconception when it comes to graphic designing? That designing is mere drawing. When it comes to the very best in the field, you will come to know that designing is to give out the perfect information about an item. A design should be brief yet explanatory enough that it communicates the message to the onlookers.


If you only know how to put an idea in to a design, it will not be enough; you are supposed to put some life in the design, which will lead the people on.


Choose Fonts Wisely


What matters to a design is the writing and that too in attractive fonts. People will never like too many fonts, since it portrays that even the designer does not have a clear dimension. With all the things going great so far, a design with too many or unattractive fonts may just make your client lose a customer.




A design needs to have colors, and not just any random color, you will have to figure out which colors match the overall tempo and flow of the design and then pick out the very best amongst them all. According to scientific researches, colors are the most important of all things, which will make a customer get attracted to a product in the first place. You will have to keep in mind the type of product or service that the design is going to used for, and this should be the basis for your design’s color.




Contrast is the difference between two things, and how they are totally unique from each other. Of all the things related to graphic designs, what matters the most is the contrast.


You can make a contrast within the design, using colors, fonts, sizes and alignment.


“What a contrast does it to gain the attention of the onlooker, and gives them an idea that why the product that they are looking it is unique from the rest of them, all around. It will give the consumer the level of interest, which may make them buy it in the end too.”


Create Negative Space


Do you know why there is always some white space in a graphic design? Why don’t the designers fill it up with something? All these questions have one simple answer. This white space, also known as, negative space, is what keeps the viewers focus on the filled area of the design. This is meant to ensure that a consumer’s interest doesn’t go wayward, and they stay focused on the point that the manufacturer wants them to be looking it.


For those who think that the above points given them enough matter to mark their success on, as graphic designers, well my friend, you are wrong. Designing is a field that has endless depth and this is what you will need to explore, before you could really become good, let alone the best. We look forward to speaking to you.

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