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Development Services

Our Development Services

Although design is important, how it's built is also.

At Bright Pixel Studios we have been developing applications and website for almost 20 years. With this much experience you can rest assured it will be built right.


Web Design

There is a clear distinction between Web Development and Web Design. Development deals with the underlying aspect of a website and how it is created. Why is this important? If not created correctly your website can become costly to maintain and over time begin to degrade in performance quickly.

Every website at Bright Pixel Studio is handed over to a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in order to architect and develop. No matter how small. They add advanced features such as page and server caching, advanced JQuery controls and Ajax support to make sure your site is lightweight, fast and easy to support


Web Design

In the world where smart phones are king it's important that your business has a mobile presence. When designing and developing a mobile website very specific rules and specifications must be adhered to. Screen size, form controls, and user ability all take on a very different approach as compared to a standard website. Bright Pixel Studio understands these differences and can create you a mobile website that is easy for your users to navigate and quick to use.


Web Design

Almost all businesses have a need to either sell a product or service online. How you go about doing that can be confusing however. How do you get started? How complex is it? What system should I use. Bright Pixel Studio can answer these questions and steer you in the right direction.

Your needs may only require a quick link to Paypal. Or perhaps you have very complex business rules for that require a custom shopping cart solution. No matter how large and complex or small and straight forward we have most likely developed a similar system before. Let us show you how easy it can be.


Web Design

Creating good content for your website and being able to manage it quickly and easily should be a crucial part of your online marketing plan. Too much self-management of your content can become over whelming and very time consuming. Too little control and you’re locked in to high price rates of your web design firm.

At Bright Pixel Studio we evaluate what level of control you need and give you options that will best fit you and your business. We can build you the exact tools you need to update the critical areas of your site while keep your costs under control and eliminating your frustrations. We also offer content creation services. This allows you to focus on your business while we create content that goes perfectly with your online marketing goals. Contact Us to learn more.


Web Design

Web hosting doesn’t have to be a headache, leave the server hassles and maintenance to us and get back to work! Our servers are hosted at Server Complete. All their servers are powered by a minimum of a Quad Core processor with 8GB RAM and multiple disks in a redundant RAID array; some nodes utilize Dual Quad Core Xeons with 32GB RAM. Server Complete is one of the leaders in providing highly secure and available networks. Our engineers are on call 24/7 365 days of the year. Each website is integrated into our external monitoring system that alerts us immediately if a site is having trouble.

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